Word Family Dice Activity (middle sound a pt.1)

Product Description

Word Family Dice Activity for middle sound a is a fun way for young children to learn onset and rhymes using word families in phonics lessons, literacy lessons, and literacy centers. This play-based games help children cement their phonological learning and is best use to develop reading skills, honing pencil skills, developing correct letter formation skills as well as encoding and decoding skills.


About this product

This product contains 7 A4 size printable dice templates focusing on word families and 7 reading mat worksheets to match each colour die and a writing mat worksheet for all the dice.


This set includes the following word families:

lag, ram, fan, hat, nap, jab, pad, drag, yam, man, mat, sap, lab, had, glam, can, nag, pat, ban, cat, lap, dab, mad, gag, jam, ran, map, gab, fat, glad, cap, tab, rag, dam, dad, pan, bat, gap, cab, sad, bag, and ham.


Directions for use:

To prepare the activity, print the dice templates and worksheets you wish to use. Build the dice using scissors and glue sticks (optional double-sided tape for durability) before handing them out to the children. The reading and writing worksheets are best used when laminated for durability and reuse. Make multiple copies for large groups and classes.


To use the resources, hand out the reading mat worksheet and the dice that matches the colour tab on the worksheet. Then find and circle the word on the worksheet. Once the kids finish with one set of dice and mat, have them pick another set.


For the writing worksheet, roll any coloured dice, read and write the word into its correct table.


Uses for product



Literacy centers

Reading skills

Writing skills



Activities and Games

CVC reading

Onsets and rhymes recognition

Reading fluency resource

Word Family Dice Activity (middle sound a pt.1)