Thanksgiving Reading Book

Product Description

Teach children real facts about how thanksgiving really started with this printable book reading comprehension. This is aimed at Grade 3 to Grade 6. This reading comprehension comes with question worksheets to get the children thinking and analyzing the text. The Thanksgiving book is printable book meant to for DOUBLE SIDED printing.


About this product

This product contains A4 and A5 printable book in both a colored and a black and white version for children to color in the illustrations by themselves. This is a great reading resource for whole class, group or independent reading.


Directions for use:

To prepare the reading book and question worksheets for use, print the book you wish to use. A4 size books should be printed in the standard SINGLE SIDED

printing and for the A5 size books should be printed in the DOUBLE SIDED printing layout. These printing layout changes can be made in the printer properties, layout tab.


Use for product

  • Reading 
  • Writing
  • Workbook
  • English Language Arts
  • English Class
  • Vocabularies
  • Thanksgiving theme

Thanksgiving Reading Book