Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts

Product Description

Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts are great ways for children to make fun Thanksgiving cards, decorations and posters for art lessons and activities. It’s also good as a quiet activity for children who finish their work early.


About this product

This product contains different 8 templates of arts and crafts activity include the following.


Apple pie arts and crafts, Pumpkin pie arts and crafts, Puppet turkey, Thanksgiving pop-up card, Turkey pop-up card, Cornucopia spring pop-up, and 2 Mayflower pop-up crafts.


This also includes A5 instruction cards per activity, for more information on making the craft.


Directions for use:

To prepare the sheets of the arts and crafts you would like to make. Follow the instructions cards. Make sure to prepare the resource and templates beforehand, and cut out templates for small children if needed.


Uses for product

Quiet activity

Arts and crafts

Group activity


Art lesson

Scissor skills

Fine and gross motor skills


Thanksgiving theme

Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts