Road Track Letter Tracing

Product Description

This is a great hands-on product to help children learn correct letter formation. This Alphabet uppercase and lowercase letter driving game has been tried and tested in a classroom with great success. Easy to use and can be incorporated to construction and occupation themed lessons. This is a tears free way of teaching letter formation and letter recognition.


About this product

This product contains a set of 52 alphabet road mats (26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters) and a template for cars if you don’t have any.


Directions for use:

To prepare the mats or cars for use, print the pages you wish to use and laminate them for durability. For use with the printed car template or small toy cars.


These mats can also be used for letter tracing with board markers, making sure not to use permanent markers. Wipe the marker off with a moist cloth or if particularly hard you can use rubbing alcohol.


Uses for product

  • Alphabet drive mats
  • Tracing with markers
  • Finger tracing
  • Floor alphabet tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Construction theme centers
  • Occupation theme centers

Road Track Letter Tracing