Phonics Flashcards Phase 4

Product Description

Phonics Flashcards Phase 4 is a great activity for children to learn phonics digraph, letter formation, letter recognition, sound recognition, reading skills, and listening skills. They can be used in many ways in literacy class, phonics class, literacy centers, and phonics centers. It’s also a good learning exercise for group and one-on-one activities.


About this product

This product contains A5 size of 4 sets of flashcards per sound (41 sounds); there is the letter recognition set, letter formation set, reading set, and a picture set. This product DOES NOT have upper case flashcards.


Directions for use:

To prepare the flashcards for use print out the sets you wish to use, cut in half, and laminate for durability. For longer usage or large groups of children make many copies.


Uses for product



Phonics lessons

Phonics centers

Letter formation

Letter recognition

Sound Recognition

Literacy lessons

Literacy centers

Reading skills

Listening skills



Wall Decoration

Phonics Flashcards Phase 4