Phonics Dice From A to Z

Product Description

Phonics Beginner’s dice level 1 or phase 2 are printable dice aimed to help children who are beginning their phonics development skills. This set of printable sheets contain dice with phonics letters that help develop sound recognition, phonics recall as well as encoding and decoding skills. There is one printable dice per sheet and a total of 6 dice in total. Each sheet should take approximately 5 minutes to make.


About this product

This product contains a set of 6 phonics letter dice (25 letters). With a printable cover and instruction page.

This set includes the following focus sounds:

s a t p i n

m d g o c k

e u r h b f

l j v w x y



All sheets focus on only lowercase phonics letters. DO NOT purchase if you want uppercase letters.


Directions for use:

To use, print the sheets after setting up your desired dimensions on your printer set up. Please note that these sheets are A4 in size and is best use with A4 dimensions in mind. These sheets should be laminated and cut to the line on the dice. Score along on lined and then fold into a cube shape. Tape all sides with clear tape and produce a seal edge. *Add small bells for more fun before taping all sides.


Best suited for children ages 3 and up.


Uses for product

Phonics introduction

Phonics revision

Developing encoding skills (segmenting)

Developing decoding skills (blending)

Phonics Dice From A to Z