Phonics CVC Words Flashcards SATPIN

Product Description

Phonics CVC Words Flashcards SATPIN is a fun way to learn for young children in phonics lessons and literacy lessons. This is focused on phonics sounds CVC words for level 1 or phase 2 in lowercase, best use to develop sound recognition, honing pencil skills, developing correct letter formation skills as well as encoding and decoding skills.


About this product

This product contains 4 sets of flashcards for CVC words, clip art set, word set, reading set, and writing set. Each set has 14 CVC words with the following focus sounds:

s a t p i n

The CVC words for these focus sounds are as following:

pip, pin, nap, ant, tin, pat, sip, pan, pit, tip, tap, sat, nip, tan


Directions for use:

To prepare the flashcards for use print out the set(s) you wish to use and cut and laminate for durability. There are many ways to use the flashcards as games and/or activities, i.e. matching the flashcards between clip arts and word set, reading the cards in a group or individually, and practice writing as a group or individually. It is optional to make copies as many cards as you like depending on the amount of children in the group/class.


Uses for product

Phonics lessons

CVC words

Phonics games and activities

Literacy centers

Literacy lesson






Puzzle pieces

Write and wipe cards (after being laminated)

Phonics CVC Words Flashcards SATPIN