Phonics CKEURHB worksheets

Production Description

This set of worksheets contain sections that develop sound recognition, honing pencil skills, developing correct letter formation skills as well as encoding and decoding skills. There are two sheets per focus sound with very simple instructions on cleanly designed pages.

This product is a no prep phonics introduction or revision set. You do NOT need to prep before hand and can be used with Koodle’s Clubhouse Aa to Zz flashcards to introduce children to new sounds.


About this product

This product contains a set of 2 x 6 focus sound sheets (12 sheets total). With a printable cover and instruction page.

This set includes the following focus sounds


All sheets focus on only lowercase letter formation. Do NOT purchase if you want uppercase letter formation.


Direction for use:

To use, print the sheets after setting up your desired dimensions on your printer set up. Please note that these sheets are A4 in size and is best use with A4 dimensions in mind.

These sheets can be laminated and bound into a write and wipe book for multiple use and durability.

Best suited for children ages 3 and up.


Uses for this product

  • Phonics introduction worksheets
  • Phonics revision worksheets
  • Write and wipe sheets
  • Write and wipe book (after being bound)

Phonics CKEURHB worksheets