Happy New Year Resolution Decor

Product Description

Happy New Year Resolution Decor is a fun activity for the children to be more thoughtful about their aspiration, short term goals, and long term goals in life as well as practicing their writing skills in a creative and fun way. It’s also good as a quiet activities for children who finish their work early, learning centers during free time, and morning activity.


About this product

This product contains 6 decorative circular ceiling strip printable, and 3 writing and 3 drawing templates to stick onto the strips.


To use this product, give the children the options to choose their new year resolution writing template either writing or drawing or both. Colour and cut the writing template and the circular ceiling strip (following the dash line). Stick the outside end to the writing template and the other hang them up on the ceiling.


Directions for use:

To prepare the decor templates, print the page(s) you wish to use individually or print them in bulk for multiple children in groups or class.


Uses for product

Quiet activity








Happy New Year

Happy New Year Resolution Decor