Halloween Color Sorting Card Game

Product Description

Halloween Colour Sorting Monster Cards are a fun way and hands-on game for art lessons and sensory center. This set focuses on recognising colours and its name using matching cards. This game is so versatile that you can play it however you like.


About this product

This product contains a total of 40 cards with 4 sets, 2 sets of monster cards (10 cards per set) and 2 sets of solid colour cards (10 cards per set) to match.


Directions for use:

To prepare the cards for use, print the pages onto card papers, optional to make for an eye catching card is to print on to a designed card paper for the back of the card to have colourful design. Cut the set(s) you wish to use and laminate them for durability. It is optional to print and make copies as many pieces as you like depending on the amount of children in the group/class.


To play matching game with the cards is to flip over all of the cards to cover the monsters and solid cards and lay them into tiles, have the children randomly pick and flip over 2 cards at a time to match the colours correctly. If they don't match, flip it back over and try again. This game can serve as a memory game as well.


Another way to use the cards, is to hide the cards all over your area and ask the children to find and match the monster card to the solid card for a more active and energetic activity.


Uses for product

Halloween Theme

Art/Sensory Center

Art lessons

Sensory and Colour Games

Colour and Colour Name recognition

Games and Activity

Colour sorting

Quiet Activity

Active Activity

Halloween Color Sorting Card Game