Footprint 1 to 100 Numbers Game

Product Description

This game is a great way to learn numbers through gross motor skill. Best used in an outdoor area or in a gym. Teach and practice counting 1 to 100 with children by stepping on numbers. There are many ways to play this game and it’s great for not just number recognition but great for learning number order or counting by 5s and 10s too!


About this product

This product contains a set of 100 number footprints. This product comes in both A5 size footprints and A4 size footprints.


Directions for use:

To prepare the footprints for use, print the pages you wish to use. Laminate them for durability. For use with children to teach numbers and counting. This game can be adapted to for simple number addition or subtraction or multiples of ‘x’ numbers. For further safety, glue on non-slip netting to the number sides of the laminated footprints.


Uses for product

  • Flashcards
  • Floor number tiles
  • Wall Tiles
  • Number recognition
  • Number counting
  • Gross motor skills
  • Obstacle course numbers

Footprint 1 to 100 Numbers Game