Christmas Alphabet Letter Matching

Product Description

Christmas Alphabet Letter Matching is fantastic for phonics lessons, literacy classes and centers. This set focuses on LOWERCASE ONLY alphabet letters for recognition, memory skills, reading and writing skills. Best use for letter recognition games and activities. It’s also good as a quiet activity for children who finish their work early or for Christmas fun centers and activity sheets.


About this product

This product contains 4 different sets of alphabet matching sheets, 5 mixed tracing sheets, 26 letter tracing, 26 letter writing, and 26 finding and matching ornaments with 2 sets of ornament letter tiles (colored and B&W).


Directions for use:

To prepare the matching sheets for use print out the set(s) you wish to use and laminate them for durability. To use the ornament letter tiles, print and cut around the ornaments; for longer usage and large group of children make copies and laminate. These matching sheets can be used for letter tracing with board markers, making sure not to use permanent makers. Wipe the marker off with a moist cloth or if particularly hard you can use rubbing alcohol.


Uses for product

Phonics lessons

Phonics games and activities

Literacy centers

Literacy lesson

Filling in the missing sounds



Puzzle pieces

Write and wipe

Quiet game and activity

Christmas theme

Christmas Alphabet Letter Matching