Chinese New Year Phonics Spelling Game

Product Description

The Boa (steam bun) game is a fun play based game to help children read and learn CVC words. This game has been tried and tested with children and help children learn to read in a hands on and engaging way. This game is the perfect game for children to develop their letter-sound relationship. Great for literacy centers with a quick check sheet to help check the answers. Easy to play and with multiple CVC picture cards in vibrant colors.


About this product

This product contains a set of 35 CVC picture cards, A4 size steam bun baskets, and color coordinated alphabet letter Baos (steam buns) and a quick check sheet


Cards include the following words

Tap, Sip, Nip, Pat, Sat, Tan, Pig, Gas, Pod, Cap, Cop, Kit, Dog, Mat, Map, Sad, Set, Ten, Peg, Pen, Net, Nut, Gum, Mud, Rip, Rot, Hut, Hen, Bin, Bed, Bat, Fin, Fig, Log, Fan


Directions for use:

To prepare the CVC cards for use, print the pages you wish to use as well as a set of letter Baos and laminate them for durability. For use with children who are learning to spell or read simple CVC words. The cards are in full color.


Uses for product

  • Spelling with letter tiles
  • Filling in missing sounds
  • Reading the CVC words with letters Baos in place

Chinese New Year Phonics Spelling Game