Chinese New Year 2020 Lucky Food to Eat

Product Description

Chinese New Year 2020 Lucky Food to Eat are fun reading comprehension and interactive worksheets for children to learn about the Chinese New Year customs and traditions, practice reading skills, writing skills, learn new vocabularies for Chinese related classes and centers, literacy centers, lessons, games and activities. It’s also good as a quiet activity for children who finish their work early or for Chinese New Year fun centers and activity sheets.


About this product

This product contains 7 A4 size posters for reading and decoration, 7 A5 size fold-able flashcard for table settings and reading comprehension, and 3 A4 size worksheets as following; What will you eat for new year, Chinese New Year at My House, and What Will You Wish For. The worksheets work best when children had prior classes about Chinese New Year Lucky Food using the posters and flashcards.


Directions for use:

To prepare the worksheets for use, print the pages you wish to use individually or staple them to make a set of worksheets per child. The posters and flashcards are best printed on hard paper or card paper for decorations and stand-able cards.


Uses for product




Quiet activity


Writing skills

Reading skills

Cognitive skills


Reading practice

Writing practice

Chinese New Year 2020

Chinese New Year 2020 Lucky Food to Eat