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Foundation Class

At Koodle’s Clubhouse, Foundation classes are designed to aid young learners to recognize and understand the English language through phonics and develop their reading comprehension. This class curriculum is inspire by and develop based from the British ministry of education curriculum. It is constructed to increase the children’s text recognition, improve correct pronunciation and phonic letter sounds as well as increase their phonetic awareness and provide the children with the skills they need to spell and write correctly. Our classes also boost the children’s confidence when reading and writing and aid independent reading.

Lesson structure

For this class we provide different levels depending on the children's language abilities, then divide them into groups of children with similar levels. The levels are as following:

Level 1

Focuses on laying the foundations for phonics targeting single sounds. In total the children will learn 19 sound and develop decoding and encoding skills as well as correct letter formation and proper sound pronunciation. The children will also learn sight words that will aid the progression of their reading.



Level 2

Focuses on digraphs and trigraphs as well as long vowels sounds. Cementing the children’s encoding and decoding skills. Focusing on building vocabulary and comprehension, reading and writing CVC, CCVC, CVCC + words with multiple syllables. The children will also build on their sight word recognition. This level also promotes simple sentence construction and writing.



Level 3

Focuses on consonant blends and word building, children will need to have knowledge of grapheme for the first 42 phonemes. No new graphemes are introduced in this level. This level is aimed at increasing consolidating the children’s knowledge and to increase fluency when reading and writing. The children will continue to build their sight word bank.



Level 4

Focuses on broadening the children’s knowledge of graphemes and phonemes for reading and spelling. The children will need to have knowledge of previous levels and are able to read adjacent consonants and polysyllabic words. In this level the children will be introduced to new graphemes and alternatives to graphemes they already know. The children will also increase their knowledge of sight words and are introduced to basic English grammar. Children at this level will be able to read independently and have good comprehension of the material they read.​

Time Schedule

Every Saturday

12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

We offer a course of 10 classes for 6,000 baht

Keep in mind time schedule may vary and change over time depending on the amount of children per class

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