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Baby Steps Class

At Koodle’s Clubhouse, our Baby Steps classes are designed to help children increase mobility and independence. In this class through fun and engaging activities, will strengthen parents bond with their child, the children will learn and develop social skills and confidence by communicating with other students, foster language development through exposure of speaking and listening, explore their creativity with fun arts and crafts as well as exercising their muscle strength through both gross and fine motor skills. These classes will also help you connect and socialize with other parents that have children in the same age bracket as your own.

Lesson structure

  • Fine/gross motor skills activity

  • Arts and crafts

  • Phonics

  • Play based activity

  • Letter formation/pencil skills activity

  • Sensory stimulation activity

  • Language development

Time Schedule

Every Saturday

9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

We offer a course of 10 classes for 6,000 baht

Keep in mind time schedule may vary and change over time depending on the amount of children per class

Come for a free trial!  |  Tel: 094 - 674 - 9888

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