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Hi! Welcome to Koodle’s Clubhouse! We are a bunch of merrymakers who are passionate about teaching, arts & crafts, games and activities for children of all ages. As a team, we aim to create a unique experience for children to learn in a fun and active environment. We believe that learning should be engaging and entertaining, and the best way for children to learn is through play-based activities.

We provide courses and products for different subjects at a wide range of levels and ability groups. The Koodle’s goals are to change and modernize the traditional method of teaching and learning to be more productive and expand knowledge and skill sets with interactive play and active exercises.

Confidence, Creative, and Cognitive thinking



We boost confidence in young children to express themselves through activities and games. With games and interactive play, it helps the children to be more engage and energize by having fun, which will bring out their personality.

Cognitive Thinking

At Koodle's, we encourage the kids to do things at their own time and pace, giving them a comfortable and safe atmosphere. Our activities and games are not only educational, but they are also enhances their thinking skills to solve the problems within the games and exercises.




Secondly, we support the children to be imaginative with arts and crafts activities, and music and movement. We believe that building creativity is important because it helps develop diverse skill sets such as imagination, writing skills, and fine and gross motor skills.


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Meet our Director!


Kataleya Rosier

Founder of Koodle's Clubhouse


Hey There! I’m Kataleya Rosier but everyone just calls me Kat. I’m one of

the founders of Koodle’s Clubhouse. I am a proud mum of 4 boisterous boys.

I started my teaching career when I was still in high school and was hooked onto

the feeling of imparting knowledge to children. Since then I got my degrees and I've been teaching for

over 10 years. I enjoyed my job and had a lot of fun working with children. I feel blessed that

I can do what I love as a living; it truly is my passion.


I believe that at Koodle's Clubhouse we can offer an entertaining as well as educational

learning experiences with our courses and products. My approach is to provide a creative and fun

learning space for children to explore their likes and dislikes, boost their thinking skills, and

build their confidence through play and teamwork.

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